Add Touch Screen support to any Laptops & Mac with Airbar

Now add touch screen support to any laptop & mac with this device that is available on Amazon.

Imagine taking a non-touch MacBook Air notebook, and within seconds making it a touch interactive device.

You simply connect the AirBar sensor and then start to interact with the display immediately – it´s Plug-and-Touch.

With an AirBar touchscreen sensor you can interact with your MacBook Air in a whole new way by using familiar touch gestures. Scroll websites, zoom in on photos, rotate maps, sweep through slideshows and much more!


This model is only compatible with MacBook Air notebooks with the display measuring 13.3 inches diagonally, it will not work with other Mac notebooks such as MacBook or MacBook Pro.

Also works with most notebooks running Windows®10 with 13.3″ screen size.

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