Add 256 More Storage To Your MacBook With This Discounted SD Card

With all the cameras and drones capable of capturing 4 K footage today, you’re going to want a microSD card that can handle such recordings’ large file sizes efficiently.

For example, PNY’s 256 GB Elite-X microSD card is a stellar choice, and it’s a new low price of $34.99 on Amazon today. Considering it’s sold this year for up to $70 and later around $55, the price drop today is one you shouldn’t pass up.

These Class 10 microSD card features read speeds of up to 100MB / s, enabling you to transfer a full-length film in just a few seconds. Whether with your smartphone, tablet, dashcam, drone or perhaps the Nintendo Switch, this microSD card can handle it all. An SD adapter is also included so that you can use it in SD card slots of full size.

Or use it with a USB C Hub and you’re good to go with Mac as well!