7th Gen 10.2-Inch iPad Teardown – Unmask the Specification

The best way of distinguishing the new device is through the Teardown or the Breakdown process. After the Teardown, the new device is compared to the existing device and the difference is to be noted which leads the study based on the hardware. Apple does not reveal the specification during the launch session whereas Teardown retrieves the specification.

iFixit has recently been busy tearing apart the new devices to reveal the new things from the newly launched device. After the Apple Watch Series 5 now its the turn for the 10.2-Inch 7th Gen iPad. As the teardown reveals the bigger RAM, details about the smart connector and battery capacity as well as the difference in the patterns of magnets along the edges. Magnets are designed on the iPad for fitting the smart keyboard and other accessories. Moreover, the Smart Connector cable runs along with the battery and is notably better than its predecessor.

The 7th Gen 10.2-inch iPad comes with the Apple A10 fusion chips and 3GB RAM compared to 2GB RAM on the 6th Gen iPad. The iPad comes with a separate glass screen for display, this arrangement helps in repairing the screen. likewise the new iPad has the same battery size as the predecessor but had increased the size of the screen from 9.7 to 10.2 inches.

The battery is labeled A1484 and rated for 32.9 Wh—the exact same battery as last year and the year before, despite the extra space in this year’s larger case. After the massive iPhone battery upgrade we just saw, we were primed for a little more here.

iFixit ends the Teardown by allocating the 2 out of 10 repairability score for the new iPad. iPad scores very less while talking about the repairability with a complication like excessive use of strong adhesive, a lighting port attached to the logic board and hard to remove the logic board and battery too.