5 AirPods Tips and Features You Might Not Know

AirPods is one of the greatest product that Apple has ever built. It is also one of the revolutionary product that is completely wireless and very unique. It’s a little bit expensive but the features it offers is worth the price.

AirPods have a lot of features that work with all the Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, MacBook and even Apple TV and even Android devices.

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Many of us just use AirPods to listen to music and other kinds of stuff but are we trying some tricks to and use AirPods like a pro? If you haven’t then here are 5 AirPods Tips and Tricks that you will fall in love with.

AirPods Tips & Feature

Here are the five AirPods tips or features that you might not know & can help you every day.

  1. Double Tap on AirPod
  • You can customize by navigating to Settings> Bluetooth>Tap “i” on the connected AirPods> Double Tap on AirPod on left or right where you can choose Siri, Play/Pause, Next/Previous and Off option.

        2.  AirPods can be used in any Android phones or other Bluetooth devices.

  • Hold the small circle on the back of the AirPod until the light blinks continuously and then you can pair and connect to Android devices or any.

        3. Find My AirPod

  • Same like Find My iPhone, you can track your AirPod location if it is lost or stolen. So make sure to Enable the Find My iPhone via Account icon on the top of the Settings, Tap on it> Go to iCloud> Scroll down and toggle ON the Find My iPhone switch.

       4. Live Listen

  • Listen to iPhone up to 30 feet remotely using the AirPods. You can add the Live Listen feature in the Control Center by navigating to Settings>Control Center>Customize Controls>Scroll down and tap “+” on Hearing. You can drag it any position you like in CC. Tap on the Hearing and you are got to go.

       5. Rename the AirPods Name

  • You can rename your AirPods by going into Settings> Bluetooth>Tap “i” on the connected AirPods> Tap on the Name and rename it

       6. Watch Movie or TV show connecting AirPods on Apple TV.

       7. When AirPod charging case on open, the green light indicates Full charge and Amber indicates Low charge.

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