15 Tips To Increase Battery Life Up To 30 Percent More On iPhone

Do you feel like your iPhone’s battery is draining faster than it usually would? Well here’s some tip below which helps you to improve the performance and increase the battery life in iOS 12 on iPhone or iPad.

When it comes to battery life, iOS devices are likely to eat up more power than any other mobile devices. It is because the size of the battery is small and it has low mAH compared to other devices. But there’s a solution to fix battery drain issues on iPhone – iPad in iOS 12 or later which ultimately increases your iPhone’s battery life up to 30%.

Try these 15 tips and tricks that will definitely help you fix your iPhone’s Battery Life Issue and increase battery performance on any iOS device.

How to Improve Battery Life on iPhone/iPad

1# Turn off background refresh

Go to Settings—General — Background App Refresh and disable the Background App Refresh Toggle


2# Turn on auto brightness & Turn Off Raise to Wake Go to Settings—Display & Brightness and enable Auto-Brightness


3# Turn off Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth/ Cellular Data Completely Go to Settings app — Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth/Cellular — Turn Off each of them


It’s better to turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular Data when they are not in use but you need to turn off completely from the Settings. Because turning off from control center doesn’t turn off completely and still runs in the background.

4# Disable UI motion

Go to Settings—General—Accessibility—Reduce Motion and toggle on the Reduce Motion switch


5# Disable automatic mail fetch Go to Settings — Accounts & Password and disable Push and select Manually for Fetch

6# Disable Untethered Hey Siri Go to Settings—General—Siri and disable Allow “Hey Siri”

7# Disable Spotlight Search Go to Settings—General—Spotlight Search and uncheck all the items.

8# Disable Location Services Go to Settings—Privacy—Location Services and disable the Location Services switch


9# Disable Automatic Downloads Go to Settings—App and iTunes Stores—and disable all toggles under Automatic Downloads


10# Disable timezone to set automatically Go to Settings—General—Date & Time and disable set automatically toggle.

11# Disable motion and fitness tracking Go to Settings—Privacy—Motion & Fitness and turn off the fitness tracking

12# Disable Haptic Feedback In case of iPhone 8, 7 & 8 Plus, 7 Plus, Turning off the haptic feedback can be good for the battery life.

Go to Settings — Tap on Sounds & Haptics — Scroll down and toggle off System Haptics.

13# Use Low Power Mode

Always use “Low Power Mode” as it can significantly extend the battery life of your iOS device.

Go to Settings app — Battery — Turn on Low Power Mode

14# Disable Unwanted Notifications Go to Settings — Notifications — Tap on app to disable notifications for it.

15# Enable Night Shift Mode

Swipe up the control center and 3D touch on the brightness toggle, it will show the bar of brightness adjustment and Night Shift Mode. Tap on it to enable.

That’s all!

With these ways, you can increase iPhone battery life in iOS 12 and fix battery drain issues.

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